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Ocean Breeze Soft Wash 

A difference that you can see. From protecting your home's exterior to keeping your plants and family safe, soft washing achieves long lasting results with a low pressure stream and non-toxic chemicals.

a better & safer solution than power washing

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Stop algae, moss, and other organic material from regrowing in your home’s gutters. Our soft washing service removes debris and cleans your gutters for lasting results.


Our soft washing machines gently remove the dirt from your home’s stucco, siding, and brick without leaving damage. 


Whether it’s concrete, brick, or wood, your outdoor deck or patio will be transformed with soft washing. Paint, stains, and fragile stone will be safe to use with our low pressure water stream.


Soft washing removes mold and algae from your fence, leaving it looking bright and refreshed. The low pressure water stream ensures that your paint stays intact.


Rid your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways of unwanted grime. Soft washing gives your concrete a deep clean that lasts longer than power washing!


Soft washing is safe and recommend to clean your roof. We easily remove dirt and organic matter to leave your home's exterior looking clean, bright, and refreshed.

Soft Washing services

My roof looks amazing

. . .since using Ocean Breeze Soft Wash. I highly recommend them for all your exterior home cleaning needs!

- Mary V.

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Low pressure is safe to use near plants

Kill algae, mold, mildew, and more

Safe to use on all exterior surfaces

Long lasting results require fewer applications

Removes dirt and grime from exterior surfaces


Pressure Washing

Soft Washing

Soft washing vs. Pressure washing v.s Power washing 

Soft Washing does the job right

We're located in Ave Maria, Florida. Our service area extends throughout Naples, Florida, Fort Meyers, Florida, and Ava Maria, Florida. If you're unsure  if we can service your home, contact us today!

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We use chemicals that are safe to use around plants and your family. By directly applying the chemicals to the surface, we're able to kill and stop the growth of the unwanted organic material.

are the chemicals safe for plants?

We suggest calling us for a free quote and consultation if you suspect that you may need our services. The spring and early fall is our busiest season for soft washing.

What time of year is best to soft wash?

On average, we recommend to soft wash your home's exterior every 3 - 5 years. As experts in the field, we will leave your home rid of organic matter to extend the life of our services. 

How often do you suggest to soft wash?


Here at Ocean Breeze Soft Wash, we clean your home's exterior by killing organic matter through a low-pressure stream and safe chemicals.  Unlike pressure washing, soft washing lasts longer and is safer for your home's exterior. 

ARMA (American Roofing Manufactures Association) says the only way to clean an asphalt roof is to softwash, pressure washing an asphalt roof can void the warranty.

We're home cleaning experts that have been trained by the top soft wash company in the country. With advanced knowledge on plants and how to protect them on the job site, we assure you that with the chemicals we use, your plants will be safe. We use biodegradable chemicals that are far safer for us, pets, and the environment. 

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